Taxi- what could be easier? You just need to dial the number or to touch particular icon on the screen of your smartphone that is it! You will get to a place you want, when you want. No effort, no experience, just a rest in a comfort with beautiful views of the city and a sense of superiority over those who are still not traveling by taxi.

However, experts of TROIKA CARS can tell you that a modern business-class taxi is a complex service tool that requires constant adjustment and control.

We can show you how our mechanics carefully and precisely examine all the systems of the vehicle before every departure. We can also introduce you to our medical personnel who inspect drivers twice a day. Slightly increased blood pressure can be a reason to cancel the work shift of the driver. Perhaps, you would be curious to see our cleaning personnel, who provides daily cleaning of cars ? Believe us, even not every owner of the car takes as much care and love as our cleaners do. We could continue talking about all the effort it takes to provide an ideal service.

However, there is no need to immerse you in these details of our daily, round-the-clock duties. We just want our customers to be convinced that modern business class taxi, it is a simple, easy and convenient service.

TROIKA CARS exists to provide this superior level of service.