Excursion tour

Are you willing to see Saint Petersburg the way you have not seen it yet? Or maybe you would like to present the city in a way they would want to come back?

TROIKA CARS will create an individual program for the most demanding passengers, considering all their wishes and interests. We offer very interesting tours. Excursions in foreign languages are available as well. We also can bring you to the famous neighbourhoods of Saint Petersburg, such as Pushkin town (once home to the Romanov imperial family), Pavlovsk Palace and Petrodvorets (Peter's Palace).

Imagine a tour with a professional guide and a personal driver, that is arranged only for you, and that will meet all your requirements. You have freedom to choose where to go, how long to stay, not being worried of anything else. Our driver will show you the best spots and locations from where to take great photos, and if needed he will make a photo shooting for you.

You won’t get bored from listening to the stories that you already know, and you won’t have to search for answers of questions that interest you on your own. All the comfort of business class services is here for you.

TROIKA CARS is responsible for providing a great time for you and your guests, so you can rest, enjoy and culturally enrich your day.