Car courier

TROIKA CARS is your personal VIP courier, who can be assigned to any business that requires fast acting, responsibility and performance with excellence.

Your driver is dressed well, respectable and tactful. You can send him to your friends to deliver a gift, to a beautiful lady to bring flowers or to colleagues to pick up a package of documents. Your driver speaks good English as well, it will make an excellent impression on your foreign partners.

We are responsible for the promptness: if you think that your romantic evening at the restaurant is missing a bouquet of flowers, our courier will hand it before they bring a dessert, or at particular moment when you need it. Any business documents that you urgently expect will appear on your table within shortest period of time. We guarantee complete safety and absolute confidentiality of the content of your documents.

If you have improvised a dinner at your office our driver will deliver products you need. Let’s say you decide to visit a theatre or a stadium, TROIKA CARS will take care of tickets, and will get the best seating for you as well. Do not worry about a safety of a fragile expensive gift, our driver will deliver it safely.

Each order of our client gives us an opportunity to arrange everything in exceptional way to upraise business-class services to a new level.