With TROIKA CARS you can always send your children to the kindergarten or to the school or to an excursion trip or to any other event. Our drivers are punctual, polite, and can find individual approach to communicate with children. Small passengers won’t get bored on the route, and they won’t feel uncomfortable staying alone with a stranger. The most important thing, they will be completely safe and surrounded by care.

A child is the most precious client for TROIKA CARS, and we know how to please him and his parents. The technical side of the service "AutoNanny" includes not just a child safety seat and additional attachment equpment, but also there is an installed camera in the cabin that will allow you to watch your child in real time and to be ensured that your child is comfortable and happy.

Our vehicles are equipped with all the possible essentials, your child will find bottled water, a cosy blanket, toys and chargers suitable for various electronic gadgets.You will be able to stay connected with your child all along his ride. Also if needed you can reach your child via our operators.

The ride with TROIKA CARS is considered complete only after the driver makes sure that a child is safely handed in to an adult at the destination point.