TROIKA CARS presents a new comfort-plus class option

Many of our clients use business class taxi services not on a daily basis, but just occasionally. And sometimes they are OK to take a risk and have a ride with a non-professional individual driver.

We, TROIKA CARS, believe that a taxi service is obliged to guarantee a client’s complete safety and comfort. Hence we are launching a new Comfort-Plus Class taxi.

Comfort-plus is your ride that meets all premium service standards in a new Mercedes-Benz C-class with a personal highly qualified driver. You will get an outstanding quality of service for an affordable price.

Now our customers do not need to search for a compromise between saving and excellent service. Solution is found, TROIKA CARS comfort-plus ride costs just a little bit more than the standard price of an economy class.

Hurry up to check our new service option! You will receive a gift. These flyers with a 20% discount for a Comfort-Plus ride are available in salons of our taxi.

2018-03-29 10:19:00