Yesterday it was Leningrad, today it is Saint Petersburg. 1941-2017. Day of the Great Victory!

In honour of the most important holiday for our country, TROIKA CARS business class taxi team expresses eternal and bright memory to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War. In honour of the great holiday, we decided to change the look of our cars. From May 5th to May15t our taxi in St.Petersburg will be decorated with symbols and scenes of military Leningrad.

Wings, doors and bumpers of black E-class Mercedes-Benz cabs will be decorated with carnations, stars and St. George ribbons; story line from wartime to nowadays will be used in design and decoration of cars.

Our company could not stay aside from the idea of decorating taxi with symbols in honour of the Victory Day celebration. We are very pleased to contribute to decoration of our wonderful city. This is a special day for St.Petersburg and one of the most significant holidays, so we decided to greet dear veterans, residents and guests of St. Petersburg with patriotic decoration of cars. TROIKA CARS vehicles will drive around our elegant city as real art objects. Everyone can take a photo with #troikacars.

Our company has prepared souvenirs to each of our passengers during these days of the Great Victory Day Celebrations. Also we will treat with souvenirs our clients who will download our Mobile Application. Any person can have a ride in this unusual taxi.

2017-05-05 15:45:00