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7 advantages of a partnership with TROIKA CARS

1. Personal Online Account

You have all the control of transportation in your company. With a personal account TROIKA CARS you can easily manage any operations and monitor the exact accomplishment of all the tasks of your business.

Personal account provides you with following things:

In your personal online account you may inquire a travel register and get full information about all the transport services received. You may also authorise some of your colleagues to this service, and assign particular responsibilities of controlling between them, or you may stay the only one who has an access to this service.

Time saver
At any time, you can make changes to the plan through your account or refill your balance online. With TROIKA CARS personal online account you no longer will have any delays in communication, the solution of issues related to transport will become much faster and efficient.

Budget saving
You can always choose a certain class of vehicle to each of your employee depending on the purpose of each particular trip. You can distribute funds among particular departments of your company or set a certain limit of rides for work purposes.
Any changes made via your online account will be updated immediately. You don’t have to make extra calls to contact particular managers to discuss changes in terms. For any updates you just need to go online to your personal account.

2. Choosing type and method of payment

You choose yourself how and when to make the payment for services of TROIKA CARS. We offer three types of payment to our corporate clients:

The standard form of payment for services provided, without any additional specifications.. This option is suitable for those companies that prefer to save time and effort, adhering to familiar models of cooperation.

Preparing an individual plan for corporate clients, we always try to offer discount options within prepayment form of pay. Prepayment percentage can vary from 10% to 100%, your personal manager will consult you and will provide with an information on saving you will get in accordance with decision made. This option suits best to companies that are monitoring their budget and are not missing out

Deferred payment
This option is suitable for companies that distribute the costs of transportation services among partners, as well as for event planning companies, which cover costs after receiving payments from their customers. We are open to discuss terms and to develop individual plans and deadline in accordance with the convenience for you and your business specifications.
Cooperating with TROIKA CARS, you choose method of payment as well, it can be cash or non-cash.

3. Choosing form of taxation

TROIKA CARS works with any tax structure convenient for you. We can prepare contracts with the option to deduct VAT - and are ready to prepare all the documents that are required for your accounting.

We make an individual plan that is suitable for all the needs of your company, and are open for any specific inquiries from you side. As your partner, we care about your convenience, time and effort.

TROIKA CARS is your advantage in possibilities.

4. Selecting a form of report

Unlike its competitors, TROIKA CARS provides reports in any form convenient to your company. Reports can be following:

Route receipt
More precisely, two route receipts. Client signs both, one copy is given to the client, and the second one is collected for our tracking.

Tracking all trips in your personal online account
You can always find out how many trips were made during any period, by each department or employee. This will allow to keep the track of all the services provided, as well as to see transport communication of your company.

Certified travel register
Your accounting department will be pleased. We make sure that the reporting is made in accordance with all requirements but at the same time very clear to understand to anyone.
TROIKA CARS provides the most accurate reporting. You get complete awareness and flexibility to change plans depending on the goals of your business, you save your time and effort.

5. Budget Saving

TROIKA CARS is responsible to minimize the time and costs of your company. Your personal manager will select the tariff and make a plan considering all the route specifications, additional requirements and budgeting. You will be aware of all the trips and payment calculations, which will eliminate the misuse of transport and reduce costs.

Nowadays not all modern businesses can afford to have own park of corporate cars and to provide technical maintenance and control of services provided. At the same time the lack of corporate transportation at all will lead to numerous missed opportunities and various other losses. Lack of transportation is simply unacceptable if you think of prestige and reputation of your business.

TROIKA CARS is a proper solution for all transport problems. Our experience and well-established work methods allow us to provide expensive services at a cheap price. We guarantee a high level of services.

6. Improving the image

Corporate taxi of business class indicates the status of the company. Your customers, partners, employees and competitors will definitely pay attention to this. New Mercedes-Benz vehicles (not older than one year of release) will highlight success of your business and will leave proper impression.

Perfect black Premium Mercedes-Benz that never makes you wait, and your personal driver with great manners all these creates prestigious image and reputation of your company and particularly you.

7. Convenience for your company

TROIKA CARS provides services of highest level suitable for any business model. We guarantee an outstanding service, which is achieved by constant control of all the details of the trip.

With TROIKA CARS, your employees won’t have anything to complain about to each other while having a coffee, and your customers will be willing to come back to you again. Each of them is our precious client, and we are in charge of all the transportation matters. Let us take care of the road and the route.

Fill in our form for signing
an agreement with TROIKA CARS,
and your Business will get
a new impulse for development!