About company

Troika Cars is your privilege

TROIKA CARS is the leader on the market of the passenger transportation services. Our company particularly specialises in providing transportation services for business and executive class in the North-West region of Russia. High rank and recognition has been achieved due to three main conditions that have been consistently maintained for more than nine years of the history of the TROIKA CARS.

Three principles that underlie the TROIKA CARS:

1. More than just a high standard

It is not just a decent level of services. It is a special level of quality. From setting global aims to paying attention to small details hidden in the vehicle’s drawer, it’s part of our company’s strategy.

This is our responsibility. This is what you get. This is the highest reliability and comfort.

You should not worry about timing, traffic situation or weather condition. There is no need for you to worry if your client made it to the airport, if your employees are on time for the meeting and whether your colleague has arrived safely from the “no-tie" going out.

Safety on the road is provided by the modern vehicles (business class) together with high qualification and professionalism of our drivers, who have passed a strict selection and are certified in TROIKA ACADEMY training center. All our vehicles run daily monitoring and regular maintenance at authorised Mercedes-Benz Centres.

All employees of TROIKA CARS meet high standards of communication skills and business ethics. You will feel calm and relaxed traveling with our driver. We ensure the psychological comfort of our passengers, wether it is a cozy relaxed silence, or an excellent choice of music on the background, or a nice and easy conversation, which will always stay confidential. The result remains the same: you will be pleased with this trip.

2. High Rank

We treat every our client as a star. We are responsible for it’s bright shining. We are responsible for making it shine brighter than ever.

A business and executive class taxi is not only a matter of prestige. This is a precise attention to the details that create your image. Regardless of whether you need a car to stand out or to emphasise a strict corporate style, our company will do the job of creating needed impression.

Your driver is nicely dressed, neatly trimmed, his shoes are impeccably clean, and in his smile there is only respect without any hint of servility.

Your vehicle is an impeccable new Mercedes-Benz that looks like your taxi or a personal car, whenever you prefer.

Both specialists and technology of our company meet all the requirements of the business class. You may work, have business negotiations or just relax while having a look at our own journal TROIKA JOURNAL. Don't worry about the impression you may create. You are the elite client, and the impression has already been created.

3. Special-service

Individual approach to every client: for us it is not just an advertising statement but obligatory component of the company's strategic development. This is embodied in the fact that TROIKA CARS provides the client with everything necessary for convenient communication and cooperation.

You can create a personal account or download the App on your mobile. We also can discuss special terms of corporate service and use the services of a personal manager. You have easy access to payment and report options, you may choose forms of payments that mostly suit you.

It's your decision whether to specify every little detail or to shift all the duties to us. In any case, the services provided will be personalised according to your requests and will suit particularly you. Only you, and no one else.